The Best Ways To Come To Be An Accurate Devotee Of Jesus Christ

May 2018 ยท 3 minute read

Just What do we mean by a true disciple of Jesus Christ? This will be the matter that has to be answered before we are able to deliberate how to be a real disciple of Jesus Christ. This really is that which we’ve now been called to be. Jesus commanded His followers to go to all states and teach visitors to observe He had commanded them. He promised to be using them until the conclusion of the era.

A true disciple of Jesus Christ defined

A disciple is a follower or student. Therefore true disciple of the Lord is one who follows and a learns from Him. This kind of man or woman is devoted to the ways of God. We’ve already been called to be followers of Jesus Christ. Anyone can be a real disciple of Jesus. It’s an issue of choosing a determination to make Jesus Lord over one’s lifetime. Now, Let’s look at the marks of such a disciple:

Jesus should be in your life

In Luke 9:23, Jesus tells us anyone who follow him must deny himself and take up his cross and follow him. Many things compete within our lives. They all need our attention and our time. Many things compete within our own lives, they need our attention What is obvious is that people cannot perform all the items you want to do, so we will need to create decisions. Therefore, in the event you want to be a real disciple of Jesus Christ, He needs to be on your life.

Become a living sacrifice

You must become a full time income sacrifice if you have faith on Jesus. Romans 12:1 encourages believers to present their bodies a living sacrifice that is acceptable to God. In other words one needs to offer himself to the Lord. God does not force anyone to serve Him and that’s the reason why the apostle Paul begged the Romans. Faith Be readily available for God’s use. The Lord wants to acquire more people into His Kingdom, so He needs you. Train yourself to obey Him.

In John 8:31, Jesus told the Jews who had believed Him that if they would abide in His word, they will be His true disciples. So a genuine disciple of Jesus keeps His word. He is not only a hearer but a doer of the phrase. God knows what’s perfect for you personally. Therefore, obey Him. Create His word the standard of your life.

Watch and beg He had an assignment to take out on earth, So He needed God the Father. He gave you an assignment as well. So you need to also see and beg to be His real disciple. Receive direction from the Lord as you see and beg.

Fellowship together with the church

The writer of the letter to the Hebrews educated believers never to forsake the habit of building together. A real disciple of Jesus Christ sees the value of contributing to and receiving from fellowship with other believers.

Witness to Jesus Christ

The Apostle Paul said he wasn’t ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because it had been the power of God to salvation to everyone else who believes. Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord over your life, help others to become pioneers. Propagating the Gospel can be actually a mandate of all believers. Thus a true disciple of Jesus Christ will witness for the Lord.

The present work may be the fruit of the author’s manifestation of Jesus’ mandate: “Love one another as I have loved you” that he sees as including the obligation of inspiring one another after drawing on inspiration from Jesus.